Friday, June 14, 2013

postheadericon Anti-Bullying Wristbands are here!

Glamour Girl Pageant System Band Against Bullying Wristbands are finally here! Yayyy! I am so excited for Kimmie and I to start our fundraising with these, they are a great way to raise awareness. All proceeds from these wristbands goes to Kimmies pageant fund for her fees and hopefully a couple sessions with a coach so she feels more comfortable by herself! Kim's experience has been great shes overcame some fear and shyness already!

Wristbands come in pink and black and can be purchased with the below paypal button for 2.75 each or 5.00 for a set of 1 pink and 1 black! Just choose your option in the drop down menu :) If you are not local and I am shipping to you please make sure the shipping address is correct so I can get them to the correct people. :) Shipping is paid for and shall be shipped out within 1 day. Thanks so much for visiting and in advance for any orders. You can always contact me at my personal email address

(You can change quantities on the left of paypal once you click buy now <3)



About Kim

Kimberly is a bright and full of energy 5 year old. She has a bubbly personality, is fearless, active and very talkative. However, Kim can be very shy especially around new people and is slow to warm up. I have entered her into the local Glamour Girl Pageant System because she asked me to during a parade last year. It has helped her become less shy and nervous around new people a bit and I know each event will help build her confidence so that everyone gets to know the Kim I know! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She is totally in love with anything Hello Kitty! She enjoys singing, dancing, playing outside and of course playing dress up!