Thursday, June 6, 2013

postheadericon Scentsy Fundraiser!

For our first fundraiser a online friend has been very awesome to let us hold a Scentsy and Fondue party online!
If you enjoy candles, fondue, lotions, sprays, bars and more you will absolutely love Scentsy products!
Their candles and chocolate warmers are flame less so they are completely safe around kids, animals etc! They also last for hours and hours! They will make your home, office and etc smell wonderful all day long. Our consultant for the fundraiser Sami has so graciously offered to donate 20% of her commission to help raise funds for Kimberlys next pageant! Thanks so much for the idea Sami and for allowing us to host an online party!

Our current party ends on July 6th so please visit the below links for the catalogs and stay awhile! We want to thank you in advance for any orders!

Scents for Kim
Fondue Fun for Kim

Also a little perk for my scrap friends, for anyone who purchases an order at one of Kim's parties please forward me your receipt to and I will send you two gifts! 1 digital scrapkit made specifically for this event and a $5 dollar gift certificate to my digital scrapbook store for any of my products!

Some photos of Scentsy products!


Sami ╰☆╮ said...

If anyone has questions about Scentsy or Velata please feel free to ask me. I currently have it open for Canada and working on UK and other areas. I am waiting for consultant support to call back and let me know why it is being not so nice right now..

Scentsy has something for everyone, Scentsy Buddies, Layers and more..

Doris Lynch said...

I can't pay with paypal :(

Angela Page said...

there may be a way to pay without paypal hun ill go on the site and check :)

Angela Page said...

ok hun I just checked and when you go to checkout you can just enter a card information through the Scentsy/Velata website :)

Doris Lynch said...

Thanks...don't have anything in my debit card...everything is in paypal and even if I transfer money takes days to hit the card.

Angela Page said...
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Angela Page said...

no worries hun it will be open at least 30 days thanks soooo much for visiting and for any help in advance :)

Doris Lynch said...

OK then...I will transfer money to my card usually takes about 3 to 4 days...thank you.

Angela Page said...

thanks so much hun! they look so good im wanting one myself LOL gotta see if the bf would get me one or something :D

Sami ╰☆╮ said...

Doris, If you want to place an order of scentsy or Velata. All you have to do is send me the money and I will order it for you.. I would need to know what you wanted and i will need the amount plus shipping.. ( i have paypal and you can send it that way.) i will just need your mailing info..

Email me at if you want to do that

About Kim

Kimberly is a bright and full of energy 5 year old. She has a bubbly personality, is fearless, active and very talkative. However, Kim can be very shy especially around new people and is slow to warm up. I have entered her into the local Glamour Girl Pageant System because she asked me to during a parade last year. It has helped her become less shy and nervous around new people a bit and I know each event will help build her confidence so that everyone gets to know the Kim I know! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She is totally in love with anything Hello Kitty! She enjoys singing, dancing, playing outside and of course playing dress up!