Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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Hello and thanks so much for stopping by! I just wanted to take a moment to explain why I have started this site for my daughter. Kimberly is a 5 year old girl that is full of personality! However, she is very shy around new people and is really slow to open up! Kimberly asked me last year during a parade if she could participate in a local pageant that was handing out flyers, I told her we would see if we could afford to. We finally participated in one on June 2nd and the experience has been very good. Kimberly got to play dress up at home and practice her walk. I eventually got her to where she would smile and look up when she practiced with me. She was still nervous at her first pageant though and didn't smile, but I was still very proud that she overcame her fear and walked out on stage by herself! Kimberly had so much fun at the Glamour Girl Pageant System in June that she said she wanted to do another! I agreed to let her do another and we will continue to stick with Glamour Girl Pageant Systems only because of what they represent, their mission and how helpful they are!
Now I have heard some bad things about young girls pageants but I knew from day 1 that we would not experience none of those things with GGPS! I want to just take a moment to tell you about GGPS.

Glamour Girl Pageant Systems is a local pageant system run by Executive Directors Kelly Cates and Lisa Kearns.
Quote from their site: "It is our mission at Glamour Girl™ Pageant Systems to build self esteem and confidence. Helping young women grow to their full potential is our way of making a positive difference in the world."
GGPS is both a natural and glitz pageant system.
At GGPS everyone is beautiful and all contestants receive a crown!
To read more about GGPS visit their site HERE!!

I have made this site to help give Kimberly her wish to continue to participate in the GGPS pageants. After her dress and fees we did rack up a good hefty amount spent for her first one and would like to help soften the cost through fundraising! So please stay awhile, have a look around at the different fundraisers we will be holding :)


About Kim

Kimberly is a bright and full of energy 5 year old. She has a bubbly personality, is fearless, active and very talkative. However, Kim can be very shy especially around new people and is slow to warm up. I have entered her into the local Glamour Girl Pageant System because she asked me to during a parade last year. It has helped her become less shy and nervous around new people a bit and I know each event will help build her confidence so that everyone gets to know the Kim I know! Her favorite colors are pink and purple. She is totally in love with anything Hello Kitty! She enjoys singing, dancing, playing outside and of course playing dress up!